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What annoys you to no end?

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I just had this idea for this thread so let's see where it goes. Basically, just post what annoys you more than anything in the world.

For me, since I was just organizing my movie collection, and I realized how annoying DVD cases and media cases in general have become when you purchase them from a retail outlet of any kind. You have to go through 4 different protection mechanisms before you can access the dvd itself. You first have to peel off the plastic wrap. Then you have to peel off the sticker(s) on the outside of the case. This can be on up to 3 edges of the case. Then you have to go through the latches which are designed to make it harder to steal a disc from the case (the companies claim they are to prevent the case from being opened by kids, although my kid figured it out in 20 seconds. THEN, you can finally enjoy your movie. This is a travesty and one which has annoyed me greatly for years now.

The expression "for free" when used instead of "free."

coffee brewers-

that shut off in 2 hours
and yes I know it's best within the first 15 min.
but I can't drink a whole pot in 15 min.

the ones that keep the coffee too hot or too cold
adjustable temp settings that don't work

so far -kitchen aid- has worked best
but the pause and serve screwed up-ha
I took the pause and serve off.
So I pause it if I need to by turning it off, then turning it back on.
I need my coffee asap sometimes.....

Cabling. Power cords, eithernet cords, monitor cords, TV cables, phone lines, USB cords...anything cord-based that can be tripped over, made into a knot, cut (or otherwise destroyed), or just get in the way. That "world without wires" has yet to come.

"There is five posts in this thread."


Learn how to count! It's, "There ARE five posts in this thread."

Now, someone follow up and make it six! :)


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