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Free Microsoft Commercial Developer Tools

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good move but very late.
Ruby on rails.PHP,Google Mashup,J2EE,Spring,Hibernate,AJAX,XUL is all we need cause it is free.even if industry force MS technlogy usage but some hosting companies and individual will continue to save with open source.
-arunpawar (February 20, 2008, 04:37 AM)
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I'm going to have to disagree there... Free is usually not the answer.

I work with:

* Closed source commercial software
* Open source software (FOSS)
* Open source commercial software

I find that it is cheaper to work with commercial software most often. In general I find that FOSS software lacks documentation needed to use it quickly and effectively. The development time spent getting up to speed with some FOSS can cost more than just purchasing a commercial component where you get the docs needed to start using it right away.

Not always true, but very often I find that's the case.

If I were a student, I'd go for MS tools like that in a heartbeat.

As for the MS "attack" on OS, I think they "get it" now, and I believe that they will succeed for the most part.

Carol Haynes:
Seems to be personal/non-commercial but I couldn't see anything in the T&Cs that says the license dies with your student status.

MS have never done that in the past with academic discounted software (eg. Windows XP or Office XP/2003).-Carol Haynes (February 20, 2008, 11:22 AM)
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I'm pretty sure they have done with with both Visual Studio and Office2000, at least in .dk.
-f0dder (February 20, 2008, 01:27 PM)
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I have bought numerous academic discounted MS products (Windows XP Pro, Office XP and 2003 and Visual Studio 6) and none have had a 'death on graduation' condition - or if they do it isn't enforced in any way. (Thats UK though)

Mmm, I wonder what's the use of this if college students already have MSDNAA, with quite more software available free of charge, even Windows Vista and Server.

"members of their respective computer science or math departments. To ensure qualified students have access to the programs, Microsoft is working with university departments, governments and student organizations. Integrated directly into the service, students will be asked annually to verify their continued eligibility."


Carol Haynes:
Just to clarify: that quote is for software supplied to students under institution license scheme, not the free student giveaway scheme.

AIUI even then the license the ex-student is using doesn't die, it is just that your are outside licensing terms if you continue to use the product.

Some other companies supply software to students with expiring licenses so that the software actually becomes unusable without revalidation and a new license code.


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