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Best program to manage information collections?

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I agree with superboyac (well, in terms of managing information collections). I'm going to transfer most of my stuff in there too... when it goes out of beta, when the (minor) quirks are ironed out, and when it's easier to import exotic stuff.

I personally find SQLNotes very addictive. I'm already leaving EverNote behind (don't use it anymore), and soon it will be Outlook.

Armando thinks it's not difficult, I'll just say it's getting easier as beta progresses-tomos (February 19, 2008, 05:29 AM)
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 ;D actually, I'd say that the underlying principles, etc. are simple to grasp. But there are many many many subtleties I'm still trying to understand.

…As I said in another thread, I have reached the conclusion that I am over-engineered for my needs (I am sure many people on this forum are in the same situation -- I imagine I'm not the only one who ends up using software because it's cutting edge stuff rather than based on a real need).-johnk (February 19, 2008, 08:27 AM)
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Huh? :huh:  I have no idea what you are talking about here!?!?  (Hehe - Then again... :P   ;D    )

So I am trying to simplify. Find one quick, light, flexible, robust program to cater for all my information management needs. Easier said than done.

I thought that maybe I could live in a note-taking program (so long as it has a robust structure and global search). I am trying that out with AM-Notebook -- a nice program, there's lots I like about it, but I think if I'm going to limit myself to one program, a simple note-taker won't be the one.-johnk (February 19, 2008, 08:27 AM)
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I do use AM Notebook, and have been using the Pro version for a couple years now.  I really like it as a notes application, except the lack of clipping capability cripples it WRT information gathering.  Of course Martin's Local Website Archive and Website Watcher help to gather info for me.  (Again... So many applications, so little time!!)

I also have Evernote 2.2 Pro and OneNote 2007 for clipping.  Why so many note-taking apps?  Oh.... I don't know -- doesn't everyone?   :D


The longest running thread in DC history deals with this:

I use MediaWiki. It's a pain to setup and to make it work exactly like you want, but that's the beauty, it can work exactly as you want.

I use several plugins that make managing my info a breeze (like a form that automatically creates a page based on the data I enter).

Maybe not exacly what you want, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Information storage is not very helpful if you cannot easily retrieve it. What about that interesting data you saved today; will you will able to instantly retrieve it from your collection of thousands of notes five years from today? The answer is YES, if you are using "Personal Knowbase." THERE IS NO OTHER PROGRAM LIKE IT! And the price is just $39.95. But don't take my word for it. Download the trial and find out for yourself. To find what you've been looking for, visit:



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