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DNS Switching Tool for Windows?



I'm looking for a DNS switching tool that let me configure what network connection and which DNS to use.
Because I need to switch the DNS around 3 o 4 times each day. So it would be great if I could change just the DNS with a simple click or command.



I use a thing called netset from  its 14.95 (i got it from Bitsdejour on the cheap)  its probably overkill for what you want, but should do it.  There are probably free options out there as well

NetSet significantly speeds up the chore of changing network settings, allowing you to:

    * Store any number of network setting profiles for each network adapter.
    * Configure DHCP, IP address, and DNS server address settings for each network profile.
    * Configure the Internet Explorer home page and Local Area Network (LAN) automatic configuration and proxy server settings for each network profile.
    * Configure the default printer for each network profile.
    * Execute a shell command after switching to a network profile.
    * Add network profiles with an easy-to-use wizard.
    * Quickly switch network profiles via a hot key or by selecting a profile from the Network Profile List.
    * Instantly display network adapter IP configuration information via a hot key.
--- End quote ---

Nice find Grorgy.
But I don't need to change other details, just DNS that don't means to stop connection and start again. Like when you just change the DNSs from the Network adapter on Windows.

I've already used network profiles apps and are great for laptops so when you frequently change locations can connect to other networks without configuring each time.

Thanks anyway :)

On Win2K, WinXP, and Win2003 you can use netsh.

--- ---netsh interface ip set dns "Local Area Connection" static
(Some more examples.)

Oh, really nice.. Thanks!


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