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local pc shop owner speaks truth on xp license - or takes me for a fool?

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i don't think i've been in a computer shop that i thought i could really trust - that stems from me usually knowing more about pc's than the person behind the counter so it's easy to detect the bullsh*t when it inevitably starts flowing out of their mouths.

as this was the owner of the shop that was giving me the license 'tip' i suspect he knows the truth about how many pc's it covers. i didn't believe him but i thought it worth checking on the forum just in case he knew a 'microsoft secret'. he being the 'authority' as a pc shop owner i had to be prepared to accept he was right.

no doubt, the shop owner thinks he's helping me out or saving me money - and therefore winning my custom rather than going elsewhere.

there are a couple of other local shops i'll get a price from - it will be interesting to see what 'freebie' they try to tempt me with.


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