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Cooking my PC: what NOT to do

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Pentium D, but same difference. And 30C?? Wow.
-wreckedcarzz (February 17, 2008, 12:01 PM)
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PentiumD == Pentium4, just a different name. Probably because 64-bit support and dualcore were added. But it's the same architecture as P4, which means relatively low performance, compared to the power it drains and the heat it generates.

Well, between 30-40C idle. I should install an app that names the sensors, I don't know which figure is my motherboard/chipset and which is the CPU :p. Under full load, I push the system above 50C, but I don't think I've reached 60C yet. I do undervolt the CPU by the way, to make it drain less power and thus generate less heat - no stability issues so far.

As for your setup, you really need a bigger table, to provide arm rest. Otherwise you're ruining your body... takes a while before you notice it, but when you do, you'll regret it.

And you really should resize those pictures, pretty insane resolution to use on forums :P. 800x600 or 1024x768 would be a lot better...

-f0dder (February 17, 2008, 12:30 PM)
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Ah, didn't know that. Darn Intel...

I would overclock, but my motherboard has the values locked (I was planning on posting here at DC to see if I could get some help on that sometime soon) so I can't.

Yes, I complain all the time that I want a new desk, but it has been 2 months and I still have no desk. Maybe when I can't move my arm anymore we will go and buy one.

And I would resize, but MSPAINT leaves little room for help in that category, and I don't have CS3 on my system atm.

CS3 for resizing an image? :o

In Paint: Picture -> "Expand", and enter some sensible percentages

Get paint dotNET (heh, URL speaks for itself) for your resizing + simple editing needs.

CPU overclocking is generally done by increasing your FSB speed, not by playing with the multiplier, since most CPUs have that locked. Increasing FSB stresses your system, though - and your RAM, if that isn't run by a seperate clock. And yes, you can damage your system by turning FSB up too much.

As I said, I undervolt my system and keep it at stock speed. At stock voltage, I can go from 2.4GHz to 3.0GHz... 600MHz is a respectable enough gain imho, and since it's a quadcore system that adds up to ~2.4GHz total gain. But the system does draw noticably more power and gets quite hotter if I do this, and I don't need that much juice all the time, so... undervolt it is :-*

I suppose the fact that my CPU usually hovers in the 80-90°C range will come as a mild surprise then.
Cooking my PC: what NOT to do

The ambient temperature right now is around 26° C. I don't kid when I call it a frying pan, but it's rugged! - I've had more problems with my GPU overheating than I've had with the CPU. The only time it has been a problem is during the summers if I haven't used the dust-blower for a few weeks and I leave the house with the A/C turned off, it can get a little *cough ~100°* out of hand then.  :-[

Moral of the story: These things are more rugged than we give them credit for.
And yes, moral #2 = I need a good cooling system, stat! (For the GPU, if nothing else.)

The system with a Prescott CPU shuts down at a higher temperature than that with a Northwood. The latter's peak was, in our case, 98°C, while Prescott never shut down at temperatures below 101°C, sometimes even working on at 105°C.
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yeah there are lots of image resizers around, you could try faststone  they/he has an image resizer (amongst other stuff) never tried it but their other software gets good reviews

Edit - I am only mentioning faststone as its the most recent one i've seen i have no connection with them or anything like that


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