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Cooking my PC: what NOT to do

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Wow - but do you need a house sized case for that? And does the weight bend your mobo?
-Carol Haynes (February 19, 2008, 05:29 PM)
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Good point to make, many of the heavier HSFs come with warnings against moving your case when the heatsink is attached... and some require (either recommended by manufacturer, or just by common sense) some support straps :). Aluminum fins for heatpipe designs tend to be pretty thin and light, though.

No more pampering the stupid CPU. I don't expect it to burn out but if it does - great! I'll have no option but to go for a dual (or quad) core then! :)

No more pampering the stupid CPU.
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i love it  ;D
now that's the proper attitude if you ask me.

Thank you, mouser!  :D

I think that should be put on a t-shirt and sold:
"No more pampering the stupid CPU."


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