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Cooking my PC: what NOT to do

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The NetBurst architecture it's probably one of the worst CPU architectures ever. If Intel didn't have tons of cash to throw to hardware assemblers, game developers, etc., AMD would have crushed its market back then.

Even then, nosh, the general temps in your computer are quite high, I suppose the heat the P4 is dissipating is frying everything there, as the HDDs are dangerously close to the 50 ÂșC mark. What cooler are you using?

80-90C? That's insane... that must be a really cramped minitower case :-s

Please nosh, get yourself a couple of 80mm or 120mm fans to get some airflow before your harddrives die. They wear out a lot faster with such high temperatures.

I wouldn't say that the NetBurst architecture is the worst ever, but it doesn't work that well for x86 code - if there was a different frontend and some work was done on compiler design, the backend is cute enough.

But core2 is certainly nicer for x86 code, I wonder if AMD will ever be able to make a comeback...

But core2 is certainly nicer for x86 code, I wonder if AMD will ever be able to make a comeback...
-f0dder (February 17, 2008, 02:07 PM)
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Maybe with Bulldozer, unless AMD engineers makes miracles with the Phenom (and judging for the overclocking capabilities of the 9600 Black Edition, this is not going to be happening soon).

Phenom is slower per MHz than the 45nm (aka "Penryn") core2 CPUs, and iirc also draw a bit more power... plus the first stepping has the nasty L3 cache bug; afaik performance goes down ~10-30% to "fix" the bug in the affected stepping.

Oh, and while slower per MHz, they're also quite far behind in how high the MHz go. Phenom max 2.3GHz?, core2quad at 2.66GHz (3.2GHz for the wildly overpriced Extreme Editions). Notice that the "sanely priced" core2s overclock very well. Running my (65nm, ooold generation :P) Q6600 at stock voltage, I can get it from 2.4GHz to 3.0GHz without breaking a sweat...

Yes, around 2.3-2.4 GHz, some reviewers got engineering samples from the 2.6 GHz model, which I think is the future 9900, that one can compete with the Q6600 up to some extent, but not with the Penryn. Oh well, at least AMD users can get a nice upgrade :D (if I had the money...)


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