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Chante France URL


I have tried repeatedly to get the URL for Chante France to be used with TVersity and Roku Soundbridge.

What I came up with Snooper was:

When this address is launched in the browser, the audio stream begins.

When this address is added to TVersity it comes up as not being a correct URL.

What am I doing wrong?  Evidentally the URL I am using is not the URL of the audio stream.


this is a sneaky embedded asf stream url.
in fact url snooper can discover it, but it changes constantly (it's a live stream).
the real url looks something like this:


and is found by url snooper once the stream starts playing.
you can paste it into something like streambox vcr 1.30 (note you want 1.30 not 1.31 since its an asf stream).

the thing is that that mms url is going to change constantly because i guess it is timestamped, so i think youd need to sniff it again by first connecting to the browser and using snooper each time before you started recording to get the new url.

here is the place for better answers on all this kinds of stuff:


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