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Upload plugin - for developers

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More info:

It is with limited testing. So backup!! before use.

very interesting idea.

i wonder if it might be smart to developers write a special uploader config file for their plugins which tells the upload plugin where to work and some settings like ftp login and password info.

then you would ONLY display the plugin folders which have such a file (meaning they are the author of it), and you would get extra info you need from that file (ftp password, etc.).  just make sure not to bundle that file into the zip! (you should also not bundle the .cfi file, since that is users local options)

alternatively you could have the uploader config files not even be in the farr plugin directory, but let them be placed in users documents folder or someplace else and include info about the source directory.  the advantage of this is that the user could configure directories for uploading which arent even in the farr folder, and might be useful for other things.

there are TONS of potential uses for basic code you've just written to zip and upload.. i'm sure people will start making more requests for uploading type plugin.

cfi is corrected
the special file is good idea ;) I will do it

Ok new version:) every folder you would like to upload must have upload_setting.xml

--- ---<?xml version="1.0"?>
<author_web value=""/>
<ftp value=""/>
<ftpweb value=""/>
<ftpfolder value=""/>
<username value=""/>
<password value=""/>
and you have to set path (e.g. C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins) of the plugin folder in upload plugin settings

very cool.  and make sure not to pack that file when you zip :)


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