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How about FTP server software?  I recently bought a BPFTP Server license and the people over at DigitalCandle have been very accomodating.  I sent in a feature request that is being worked on and was asked to join a pool of beta testers.  Anyway, there are lots of FTP servers out there besides BPFTP--Serv-U, Gene6, etc.

i'd like to read a review of ftp server software as well.

i've tinkered with them enough to know that all of the ones you listed are good (i've also used Blackmoon ftp server which i liked alot).

but aside from knowing some minimum features i would insist on (like ssl support), im not sure i would be qualified to judge between the close competitors since I don't really use them.

You know what would be really great would be if we could find Guest Reviewers.
Reviewers that are qualified to write a long review on a specific category.
This would make me so happy if we could find a way to do this.

I know how much time it takes to write a review - it usually takes me a full day to do each of mine, and that's just the writing, so it would probably only be fair to offer a reviewer some monetary compensation since we do get donations from people based in part on them finding the reviews on this site useful.  Maybe $20?  If ever takes off and I can get more reviewers and software authors involved, I will implement a much more community-based donation system where donators can specifically indicate how their donations should be divided among authors and writers.  Another possibility would be that we could reward reviewers with other things - like a free license to a program if we get such an offer from a software author.

This site doesnt make enough money to pay a reviewer anything even approaching what they would make if they spent the time shining shoes, so believe me monetary incentive is not going to be the reason anyone writes a review, but at least it would let them go out and have a couple beers and relax after they were done :)

I'd have to be really convinced that the reviewer knew the subject well and could be fair and do a reasonable job of writing a nice long review of the style we have been doing so far.  Not sure how hard that would be to insure.  And I'd need to be convinced that the person was trustworthy and not shilling for some specific company product.

But I would be willing to work closely with someone in advance of review date helping to get a review shaped up, and I'd be willing to do the formatting and html formatting stuff.

So if anyone thinks they are expert enough in a topic to present a reasonable review in some area that I'm not comfortable reviewing, please volunteer.  Fame and Fortune and our thanks await you.

Any suggestions about this idea?

can't think of anything to suggest but it would be great to see it happen.

i'm sure there are altruistic experts out there who would be willing.

I like the guest reviewer idea.  That would go even farther to show that you're running a balanced website and that other folks' opinions are valued.

I would offer to do it (for free), and I might even have enough time for it toward the end of this week.  I use BPFTP on a daily basis, so I'd consider myself an expert there.  I'd have to go out and play with some more servers to get a good idea of how they stack up.  I know Gene6 and BPFTP are quite similar, and I've used Serv-U in the past, but there ought to be a bigger pool of candidates than those three.


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