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The SSL certificate industry is a messy business

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Not everyone is running an online banking business or selling merchandise online. Sometimes, an SSL certificate is used only to remove the warning in a browser.

For example, a reasonable certificate is needed if you run a home server or if you have a small business and simply want to give your friends/customers secure access to your server without having to tell everyone using your site that your self signed certificate is the cause of the nasty browser warning.

Why are certificates from VeriSign so freakin’ expensive?

Why do many of the "cheap" SSL providers not tell you they sell a chained certificate?

If you have any experience with "good and reasonable" certificate vendors, please join our forum and give us your thoughts. We have a thread where we would like to have an open discussion regarding "good and reasonable" certificate vendors. The forum is for the BarracudaDrive server, but you do not have to have this product to join our discussion group..

I'd like to learn more about this as well.

I'll stick with

Why cacert, housetier?
From what i understand, it doesn't have any root certificate sign, and isn't included with browsers, thus it is as useful has having a certificate that isn't signed by a CA..

It is free :)


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