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Scanahand RC1 Released

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Hi all,

I've just released Scanahand Release Candidate 1.

If you've always wanted to create a font based on your own handwriting, do give Scanahand a try.

Scanahand allows you to generate a font without the need to know all of the technical details involved. All you need is a printer, a scanner, and a black marker or felt-tipped pen. It is also possible to use Scanahand without using a printer and scanner, but then you'll have to draw characters through image processing software. During the 30-day trial period, Scanahand runs in reduced functionality mode. Basically this means you can generate and see your font, but you won't be able to save/install it.

More info here:

Scanahand costs $29.00.

DC Supporting Member's Only Discount: here.

All feedback is welcome, technical, layout, performance, font output quality, etc. Most of all, enjoy the software!

Best regards,

Erwin Denissen

High-Logic Software

This is a cool idea, could almost make a "techy" last minute valentine's gift too!

This sounds like really fun software!!

If i had a tablet pc, i'd give it a go right now. (actually, i think i'd get a really bad font, because i have an terrible handwriting ;) )

Thanks for the discount, Erwin!

very cool!

OOOOooooohhhh, darnit!

I was hoping be the first to respond and congratulate you Erwin. Oh well, Congratulations on what I'm sure is another great program.

Let me say to others though, I think I have all of High-Logic's software and love it. Top quality stuff. I sure am glad I have a tablet pc (unlike jgpaiva) so I can really get going fast with the software. :)



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