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Would anyone want a free bumper sticker?

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there are magnetic bumper stickers that are made by some companies, but they are expensive.
alternatively we might be able to stick the bumper sticker to magnet paper, and then magnet to bumper?

chris' point is good.. BUT im not sure we care all that much if people can really read it.. i think the main point here is not to spread the word but to have fun and maybe facilitate a fun moment if you meet someone who also knows DC, so hopefully they would recognize the picture even if they cant read the website.

Magnetic bumper stickers won't help with the majority of cars built in the last... I dunno, 20 years or so, anyway, because they have colour matched plastic body panels covering the bumpers.

You're right, Jesse. The focus should be on fun and if the bumper sticker is unique/stands out enough, people will stop to read it in a parking lot anyway.

My car will proudly wear one if and when available  :)

Would it be possible to be able to have each member have their DC name on it, so if we happen to see another DC'er we know who it is? Could be quite fun... (although mine may not fit on one sticker :P)

I don't drive for another ... 15 months but I would happily put one on my car. :)

I've never been one to put a bumper sticker on my car, but since I bought it with one on it I don't think it would hurt to have one I actually care about.

My car would wear it.


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