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Would anyone want a free bumper sticker?

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If there is any interest, i was thinking of ordering some bumper stickers (like 10" x 3") and sending them to anyone who would actually put them on their car.  Would be some fun free "advertising" for DC, and a fun way to see if you ever meet someone who is also a DC member.

I'm more than happy to send one to anyone who will actually put it on their car.

If I order a lot of them to myself at bulk rate, then there can only be one design with fixed text.  If we don't need so many (probably the case), i could order one at a time for about $5 and they can have custom text saying whatever each person wants.

Here's one sample with silly red text:

What would be good alternative Red Text?
Please only people who would actually put one of these on their car make suggestions!!

Maybe member name?
Or how about "Honk If You Know Cody!"

ps. for those new to DC -- the cody drawing is done by Nick Pearson (Nudone), who created our mascot.

I wouldn't go for a bumper sticker (because they're such a PIA to remove!) but how about those (electro-static?) stickers that University alumni put in their rear windows instead? Of course, for all I know these are much more expensive...?

I'd put something like that in my window and drive around displaying it with pride!

Before you order anything print one off at actual size and see if you can make out what it says in a short time (1-3 seconds) at a distance of around 15 feet or so.  If not then its too complex or the fonts are too small.

Simple is better with large fonts.

Just my .02...

Good point, Chris! I second that idea. Actually, it occurred to me when I was looking at the mock-up that the most important thing is the web address. It should be as big as possible to ensure that people see it and remember it so that they can navigate here... and include the "www" to seal the deal, even though aesthetically it is not as pleasing.

Would anyone want a free bumper sticker?
--- End quote ---

Will it do the job of the two pieces of rope and a bent coat-hanger that are holding my bumper in place?

Does it mean you'll pay my speeding fines when the summons is sent to


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