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The Best Contact Management Software

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I use Gmail Contacts :)
It's simple and does all what I need  :Thmbsup:
-Nxqd3051990 (February 13, 2008, 09:50 AM)
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I find it rather slowish to enter/modify contacts with GMail.
Prefer doing it with Thunderbird and upload contact database to a specially created IMAP folder on GMail with an extension called Addressbook Synchronizer.

here's one from a DC member, Kyrathaba: Crocus Contacts.

Hi Rusty Irons

You could have a look at Yeah Write

 although it is really a word processor it does have a very easy address book in it.

It operates under a  drawer and tab system very fast loading it gives you a opportunity to test as a free edition (some limitations) or fully fledged edition for 15 days (trial) or purchase a license.

Can operate on a usb stick.

Suggest you have a look at it
the tab system lends you to have different addresss books and they are all there ready to click on.

You can remove the excess tabs that you don’t want (todo lists etc).     Can email from it but not receive emails.

only a 1 mb download.
No bugs last update was in 2002 very sound and I have had no hassles.



I love web apps.


I love web apps.
-ivanv (February 22, 2008, 03:30 PM)
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Just a reminder that they offer 250 max. contacts at free level.

Many have made Chaos Manager as their PIM of choice.

Rusty Irons, are still with us?


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