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The Best Contact Management Software

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Rusty Irons,

Essential PIM has a freeware version with a nice contact manager ( Besides the contact manager it offers other PIM functions like:

* Versatile import/export capabilities
* Scheduler: Color-coded, easy to read day/week/month schedules
* Easy printout of days, weeks, or months; save as web page
* To Do List: categories, priority, completion status, due date, and reminder fields
* Tools that sort and categorize
* Outliner: tree-like multilevel structure, unlimited number of folders and notes
* Insert pictures, tables, any formatted text (fonts, subscripts/superscripts, colored text background, multilevel bullets and numbering,
* Unicode, background images)
* Contact Manager: Wide selection of fields - adding a new data field to a contact is a snap
* Powerful, fast search and sort features
* Adjustable views
* EssentialPIM Portable is U3-compliant and works straight from your removable media, whether you use a USB flash drive, compact flash card, or even a good old floppy.I know this sounds like an advertisement (I copied the above from their Web page), but for a freebie, it can't be beat.   :D

Can you import outlook express native .wab format into essential pim? I hate csv conversion


In fact, it's the first thing it will ask you after you first open the program.

This is my kind of thread, I am obsessed with finding the perfect addressbook software and have been like this for years.  I've realized that there is no perfect or even really good option out there.  The three best ones I have come across are Handy Addressbook, A-book, and Addza.  Now, if Addza had a phone dialer, it would almost be perfect, but it doesn't and hasn't been updated in two years, although it started out very promising.  If you don't need a dialer, get Addza, it's pretty nice.  The other two I mentioned are very good also.  I am currently using Handy Addressbook.  I predict that I will eventually move all of my contacts into SQLNotes.


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