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Media Monkey 3 is the most exciting audio player yet

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Only bad thing is that I've an iPhone and I can't sync with MM3, but well.. I've a clean iTunes install (no music, only music is the one I want to put in my iPhone so few albums, and delete them when I remove from phone) and it makes iTunes a little faster.

So my all-day-player is MM3 :)

One caution note on Media Monkey 3, "the most exciting audio player yet".

I have submitted quite a few very detailed bug reports. While 3 of the team members have corresponded with me (showing they do have interest in fixing them), it's been over two weeks and they have yet to solve even the most benign of them.

In the mean time, I keep finding new ones. I just don't bother submitting them anymore, because they don't get solved.

Maybe I'm just finding the hardest bugs in the history of MM :)

- keyboard shorcuts don't work properly
- album art is sometimes ignored, even when it's clearly there.
- DSP plugins crash the app when closing (e.g., Izotope Ozone); granted, they are winamp plugins. Still they worked in 2.5 but not in 3.0
- Lots of convoluted stuff to get last fm working
- Fonts are screwed in many skins


I agree that this is a very promising player; but you will pay dearly with your own time chasing bugs if you decide to use it.

And the worst media player. I own Mediamonkey and I love it. But I have a problem with its name, the name is mediamonkey but it only plays audio files.

There is a plug-in for Video....but I can't get it to work!


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