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Media Monkey 3 is the most exciting audio player yet

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If you think it's more appropriate with mini-reviews, I don't mind it being moved. But personally, I didn't think it was complete enough for that treatment.-CWuestefeld (February 10, 2008, 03:55 PM)
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Ok, then i shall leave it here. Maybe later you can complete it ;)

And I don't think MM is the best tool for anything but supplementary tagging.
-CWuestefeld (February 10, 2008, 03:55 PM)
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Really? I thought it was the best one out there... What do you use?

I can't get Favourite Node script to work? :(

All fixed with a new script which fixed a bug... :D

3.0 is a really amazing music player. I've switched back after using Foobar from long time.

The only reason I think it's not perfect is that it don't manage single file albums (stripped with cue sheets) by default like Foobar does.
Foobar add each cuesheet track as a separate track, which it let you edit it's tags, rating, stats, etc., search by song, and scrobble tracks of course!

It's the only missing feature I found in MM.

There's a script to read cuesheet, but sucks.

I've bought the lifetime Gold licence.... 8)


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