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Stephen Fry has a blog!

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Stephen Fry is one hardcore techie and long-time Apple fan. Now he's found epiphany on open source software. Kudos to suleika for linking to it last Fall. Here's the URL:

He owns the second ever Macintosh computer sold in Europe, and has never met a smartphone he hasn’t bought. To introduce his new column, Stephen Fry explains why he’s deeply dippy for all things digital.... Digital devices rock my world. This might be looked on by some as a tragic admission. Not ballet, opera, the natural world, Stephen? Not literature, theatre or global politics? Even sport would be less mournfully inward and dismally unsociable.... Well, people can be dippy about all things digital and still read books, they can go to the opera and watch a cricket match and apply for Led Zeppelin tickets without splitting themselves asunder. Very little is as mutually exclusive as we seem to find it convenient to imagine. In our culture we are becoming more and more fixated with an “it’s one thing or the other” mentality. You like Thai food? But what’s wrong with Italian? Woah, there… calm down. I like both....

Thanks Zaine! I love Stephen Fry. Did you ever watch A Bit of Fry and Laurie or Jeeves and Wooster? Americans now know Hugh Laurie from "House" but I wonder how many realise that for years he and Stephen Fry were a comic duo...

Anyway, I'll enjoy this  :Thmbsup:

Stephen Fry fans in the US should pop over to here and sign the petition to get QI shown on your TV sets. alternatively, you could try the first series (season) DVD - but i remember Mr. Fry coming across as a bit pompous sometimes during the early shows so you may get the wrong impression about the rest of the 'seasons'. after a year or two he appeared more relaxed and welcoming. the show itself is extraordinary in that it educates (putting many myths to bed) whilst being consistently hilarious.

i avoided the show for a long time when it was first broadcast but now i can easily say it's an all time favourite of mine. (if you watch early shows against later ones you'll notice how the format changes ever so slightly - there's just a better atmosphere with the later shows.)

oh, i've just realised you can watch a few clips over on the QI website.

Never have, Darwin, and had no idea Laurie was his partner (that's a shame, really). I'm just familiar with his movies and documentary series (american TV is heavily skewed toward reruns, syndication, and that pure shit called 'reality teevee'). Thanks for the link nudone. The petition page is found at:

Zaine - see if your local library has the Jeeves and Wooster series on DVD - I watched it in Canada on a PBS station out of Michigan, so it might have made it to DVD down there! It's worth tracking down. You can catch both of them in BlackAdder as well...


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