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Speaking of U3 Flash drives ...

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Speaking of Flash drives .. has anyone worked with teh U3 models?
I picked one up that and it wants to be 2 drives, one read only and the other read/write.  the default position is to be drives E & F on a XP machine.  My problem is that my devices are C: (HD),  D: (CD/DVD) E: (empty) F: (Floppy), G:,H: different format Flash connectors (direct for camera and built into teh Floppy drive unit), then I: & J: (HD # 2, & 3). 

So the device see the first open drive .. E:, but the F: is taken, does anyone know how to convince this silly thing (Windows XP) to use K: & L:, rather than E: & F: ???


-Josef508 (February 26, 2008, 03:03 PM)
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I don't really see what the problem is. If it takes up two drive letters, and chooses E: but F: is taken, won't it just find the next available drive letter for the second partition? According to your description, that sounds like it would take up E: and K:

Am I wrong about that?

I believe the Read Only drive is the actual U3 files that launch when you plug it in. It's Read Only so you don't delete that crap off the drive. Also I read somewhere that you can hold Shift when you insert the U3 drive to disable U3 functionality. I'm not sure if that will help, but it would be easier to test than going into Disk Management and changing thing around.

I second the recommendation to use USB Drive LEtter Manager.

This is a very tiny service that let's you reserve or restrict drive letters for any USB device.  Quite a brilliant product in my mind, and one that I am deploying on all the computers that I use.

and me :P, i didnt think of another usb :-[ ;D


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