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Google Calendar Quick Add - discontinued

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This wouldn't prevent anyone with a bit more knowledge from discovering the passwords-jgpaiva (February 19, 2008, 05:53 AM)
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As you have just said... from my point of view it would be useless, but CPU consumer :) I am not seasoned javascript coder but I think that simple js debugging could discover it :huh:

Nice work czechboy. You have been a resouce for the FARR community recently. Keep it up :)
-ThalSwe (February 19, 2008, 06:00 AM)
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Well, I have free after school examination period (I study Building structures at CVUT in Prague), so that is why I am so active... but another semester is coming soon :(

I've been trying to use this plugin but every try ends up with "Please wait" as the result. Of course I wait but after 5 minutes I realize it isn't going to work. I have input my email/password. Is there something I'm missing?

Strange. :( Try to download a new version and tell me what it displays to you. I have added some error messages so we can track a little bit an error. ;)

For some reason when I add an event with this plugin it shows up on Gcal one hour off. For example, if I type:

--- ---gc "test event on 1 jun at 2:30 pm" it will show up on Gcal as starting at 3:30.

The preview window in FARR shows it as:

--- ---Title: test event
From: 2008-06-01T14:30:00.000-06:00
To: 2008-06-01T15:30:00.000-06:00
If I add the same event string directly into Gcal it shows up at the correct time.


I'd really like to figure this out. Why does everything get put an hour off? All my timezone info is correct on the local pc and Google Calendar. What is causing this?


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