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Google Calendar Quick Add - discontinued

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Great stuff, czechboy! This piece of code just allowed me to switch back from Launchy to FARR  :)
I switched to Launchy mainly because of GCal integration after having used FARR for about 1,5 years, now I'm glad to be back.

And while I'm at it: kudos to Mouser for creating such a great tool! FARR just outperforms all application launchers I tried so far and is the fastest and most convenient way to access all my programs (and documents and... my Google Calendar, obviously ;)) Keep up the fantastic work!

One little idea: I don't like to have my passwords stored in plain-text on my drive so I messed around a little and found out, that Google seems to accept MD5 hashed passwords (just replaced the plain-text PW with the according MD5 hash inside the options.xml). It should not be too difficult to make the script simply hash the password before storing it to the options.xml...


P.S. I really need to donate...  :-[

Well, there is a problem because saving of the setting manages DLL not my fscript.js . So I have no way how to change it while saving... I can only recommend you to input directly MD5 hash not the password ;)

It could be an idea for ecaradec: Is it possible to call some callback function to js instead of just saving it, when user hits OK, while saving settings? Another thing I would like to see is a possibility for textarea, select, option etc. while creating advanced setting of a plugin.

EDIT: I have tried to interchange MD5 hash directly to my xml file but Google does not seam to accept it... I will try to google it out ;)

EDIT2: Here you can read Passwd The user's password.... Nothing mentioned about MD5 hash :( So I doubt it is possible.

Ok, sorry for prematurely declaring this as working... I assumed that explicitly logging off from GMail/GCal would ensure the FARR Gcal Quick Add would have to re-authenticate as well, but obviously I was mistaken.

Well then ...any further ideas? :)

Robin: if google would accept the hash of the password, storing the hash or the password itself in clear text would be almost the same, not offering much security improvement ;)

czechboy: can't javascript encrypt a text file? You could store the login details encrypted with a password only you (and your scripts) would know. This wouldn't prevent anyone with a bit more knowledge from discovering the passwords but would offer some confort for some ;)

Nice work czechboy. You have been a resouce for the FARR community recently. Keep it up :)


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