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Can someone help me write a plugin? I don't understand any of the example plugins.

I want to write a plugin that lets you automatically search google when you press a hotkey (for example alt+g) with whatever text is being shown.

I also want to write a plugin that lets me find a particular window that is open since i always have about 20-25
For example you open FARR type w <window name> and it will jump to that open window (faster than alt-tab if you know what you are looking for)



The Fprocs plugin should solve your second request -- there is also an alt-tab like plugin somewhere but i can't find it.

As for a plugin that automatically searches google when you press a hotkey -- that's an interesting idea.. i can think of a couple of ways that could ALMOST be done without using a plugin.. Perhaps it would be useful if i added some more options to the hotkey configuration in FARR to support NON-GLOBAL local hotkeys..

Since mouser wasn't sure about this when I asked him earlier I'll add it to this thread instead.

Does anyone know if it's possible to call functions from a fscript plugin script via a html document rendered in FARR? My immediate inclination is to think it's not but that's not really even an educated guess. I honestly don't understand enough about how fscript works to really wrap my brain around the question.

Not sure if I'm following and I don't have much FARR context in my head, but If you mean something like:

1. User takes some action which leads to a plugin getting FARR to display some HTML (generated by the plugin say)
2. User clicks on a link or button in the HTML
3. The plugin executes some code in response

Then IIUC the answer is "yes".

An example of this type of situation is in the CommandPromptHere plugin.

Look in the file named callbacks/onSetStrValue.js for the following code path:

  onSetStrValue ->
    handleStartConfig ->
      displayConfigHTML ->

buildConfigHTML generates HTML which is displayed by FARR.

Within that generated HTML is a FORM element with an action that begins with "farr://pscommand".  When a user submits the associated form, the plugin gets called by FARR's pscommand mechanism.  Specifically, the plugin handles this request via onSetStrValue in callbacks/onSetStrValue.js:

  onSetStrValue ->

Does that help at all?

Does that help at all?
-ewemoa (October 16, 2013, 06:41 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'll have to look closer when I have some time but at first glance it appears to be exactly what I was looking for!



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