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Process Tamer.. The Drink

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vegas - if you're feeling adventurous, try an Abelour or a Cardhu - sublime. Also, the Scotch (whisky based) liquers - Drambuie is AWESOME.

PS something tells me that my spelling of Abelour is off. Way off  :-[ My bottle is long gone so can't check!

Yup - It's Aberlour it is! Google is my friend...

EDIT: Always nice to prove the veracity of one's sig file  :-[

vegas' idea is definitely interesting. And a bottle of Glenfiddich is not that prohibitive.

Glenfiddich is good
but I'd prefer a bottle of irish whiskey myself ...
but then it's what I grew up with (no - wasnt bottle-fed it :P)

but it is much "sweeter" than scotch (I'm slow to say that because it's not a sugary sweetness - I cant abide sweet drinks/liquers myself)
pretty much anyone is good (Jameson and Tullamore dew are commonly enough available, if you want 12 year old - Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore dew - surprised to see though the 12yr old Glenfiddich is cheaper :-\)

My recipie:
Pour a small glass of whiskey
add a very small dash of water (to taste, but not too much!)
put your feet up

tastes best when it's wet and cold outside

Challenge of the week, Mouser, make a drink with Cointreau that doesn't make me gag. *shudders* I finally finished my bottle of the stuff, took me about 5 years. Ungh.


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