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The definition of "bloat" - RE: Software

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This is a topic which has confused me for some time for many many applications. Everywhere I look, be it software discussion sites, review sites, forums, etc. I see people making mention of "X Used to be light, now its bloatware". WHAT EXACTLY IS BLOATWARE? From most of the reviews I read, I see people whining that because X feature was added that THEY DONT FEEL is valuable, means that a program is suddenly bloatware. Are there certain features in certain categories which immediately classify programs as bloatware? Not to single anyone out, but when I read most of zridling's reviews on various sites he is registered, I will see him make nothing but glowing comments on an app, then 2 releases later it is moved into the bloatware category according to reviews he's posted. Zaine, if you are reading this, can you post? One of your latest reviews I read is what sparked my finally posting this topic, and I would like yours and everyone elses input on this matter.

IMHO an application becomes bloated when it starts to do things outside the realm for which it was created.

The most obvious example to my mind is Nero, which used to be a lean mean CD burner but now contains things such as a wav editor, CD inlay designer, media player etc etc etc. The download is 183MB and the install footprint will be many times that.

But what do I actually want from my burning software? The ability to easily drag files onto a CD and burn it.

If I want to play my MP3s I'll use XMPlay, or my videos: KMPlayer, WAV editing: Audacity etc etc.

Why would I use 3 or 4 apps where Nero has it all? Because they are each specialists at what they do, so the results are better. Plus the combined download of the collection...

PLUS: They are all free Vs €59.99

Exactly. Ampa explains it perfectly. And it chooses THE example of a bloated app, Nero ;D

Other example: iTunes. The review that app linked some days ago explains why.

PowerBASIC - #BLOAT metastatement

DOH!  ;D



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