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DONE: Autoset audio volume on boot


Looking for something very simple and don't think I've seen it.

Is there anyway to automatically set the volume controls at a certain level so that when I start up my computer it has a certain volume level, no matter how it was before i shut it down? I'm thinking setting everything to 100% except the master volume set to 0%, although other people may have other preferences. I think you can imagine why this is useful.

Thanks for the help!

Would you mind if for now it only set the master volume to 0%?

I can do the rest, but not in next few days.

Just place this on the startup group on the start menu.

PS: I just noticed something important: You probably want this to hide the windows startup sound too, but that's impossible. The windows startup sound is "sounded" (that doesn't make much sense, does it?) before the startup programs are launched. Thus, when this program starts, it'll be too late.

PS2: i think i know how to solve it. The sound volume could be set at shutdown. For that, you'd need to have an app always running that would only serve this purpose.

Try Quickmix

This lets you save a standard set of volume control settings and reload them when you boot the computer.

You can also save different volume control setups for different situations and load them as required.

Cool solution, jovejupiter! :D


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