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This topic has been discontinued.

Just installed and seems very nice.

A couple of thoughts...

1) - includes - and ±, where + only contains ± any reason why? Perhaps it isn't a minus but a dash? How about em-dash and en-dash?
2) If I type 'a' how about listing all the possible 'a' variants vertically, and allowing quick select and copy by hitting the associated number (as per usual FARR opperation)?
3) . should perhaps also contain bullet points, centered dot, circle?
4) Why does the status line say Google Translate?

Great work, thanks :)

∫ĝ !! It works! í,ì,ï,î,ĩ,ī,ĭ,į,ı,ǐ,ij,∞,∫,η,ι!

Ampa's suggestions are good. #2 especially would prevent mouse use and make it quicker.
Nice plugin(s) czechboy!!!

as to 1) I have taken Sparkle as my source
as to 2) There is problem with unicode (I have bypassed it by RTF), but I have already writen to mouser if he can add some link ability to rtf.. so let us see and hope ;)
as to 3) could you please post exactly the characters in mention, so I can add them
as to 4) I will correct it ;)

as for interactivity -- i think a good idea would be for farr to call the plugin when user types alt+SOMETHING in memo view.
so farr can pass along:
Alt+1 or alt+2 or alt+3 etc

and add a new funciton to plugin api so plugin can receive this.  so that will be one new way that users can interact with a plugin that uses the memo view.


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