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Now that Google support Hebrew I've tried to change gt for my need.

var output, languages = new Array("ar","bg","zh-CN","zh-TW","hr","cs","da","nl","en","fi","fr","de","el","hi","it","ja","ko","no","pl","pt","ro","ru","es","sv","iw");
var lang_names = new Array("Arabic","Bulgarian","Chinese (Simplified)","Chinese (Traditional)","Croatian","Czech","Danish","Dutch","English","Finnish","French","German","Greek","Hindi","Italian","Japanese","Korean","Norwegian","Polish","Portuguese","Romanian","Russian","Spanish","Swedish","Hebrew");

like that, but it's not working, any idea what else need to be changed ? :(

I have uploaded new version, where you can find all languages, I have also modified way of fetching data and corrected a few small bugs :Thmbsup:

The original download link from the first post is not working. Is there an alternate location?

try here, it has become part of CZB pack.

There's something wrong with some characters. It's weird, accented characters work fine when translating, for example, to french, but it seems to have a problem with apostrophes ("L'elephant" becomes "l&#39éléphant"):


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