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Google Translation Plugin

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it remembers last chosen languages
-czechboy (February 04, 2008, 10:42 AM)
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Now THAT is a touch of class :P

hummmm... doesn't work either here (like nitrix-ud)

Armando: and what exactly does it tell you? If you have my last version, does it say: error: Connection failed... or error: No translation found...? BTW: Are you able to debug javascript?

Try this version and copy paste what it tells you ;)

Hi czechboy,
Thanks for your answer. Like I said, it did exactly the same think as Reply #3 by nitrix-ud : error: No translation found (whatever the words).

But now I  replaced the plugin with the new proposed version, and now nothing appears at all when I press "space" at the end of the expression.

But right before inserting the space this is what it shows :

(Sorry : I realized after attaching the screenshots that farr had transparency enabled... I'm just reattaching new images) Everything's ok now!  ;)


BTW: Are you able to debug javascript?-czechboy (February 04, 2008, 03:04 PM)
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I forgot to answer that one... unfortunately, no.  :-[


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