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I thought perhaps the difference reflected sloppy editing - it was a "second chance" discout offer so perhaps the original discount was 50% but late comers can still get it at a 13% discount?

Hi guys,

Just click on the offer, then you'll get the details for that deal.. here you can see that the correct original price is $ 58.00 instead of $ 50.00.

I guess he just hit the wrong key on his numpad (at least I would like to think so  :-\)


sloppy editing - it was a "second chance" discout-Darwin (February 06, 2008, 04:29 PM)
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Doh! No one is immune... Anyway, Marc's post above seems to confirm sloppy editing as the cause, my inference was just wrong...

No surprise that it's editing errors - but there are more than one:

SureThing CD Labeler25% of $24.95 = $5.00?RecordForAll10% of $39.95 = $5.00?FeedForAll10% of $39.99 = $5.00?Nuance Paperport 1115% of 199.00 = $40.00?
Now, I'm sure these are all just simple typos (and for the most part, if there's an error it's that the %off is too low), but it seems something that should be more often correct.

Anyway, since I'm picking on typos, I pre-apologize for those I've made in this post (since by universal law any post complaining about typos will have them as well).


Nope - looks good, but you did miss a space between % and off here:

if there's an error it's that the %off is too low
-mwb1100 (February 06, 2008, 05:25 PM)
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