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seems like a new one, didn't find a mention here yet, unless my search phrases were wrong.

Discounts seem too low to bother (probably they are just passing over part of their commission), but that would be understandable for starters, until they will fill the shelf with real offers. They will be offering Direct Access with 50% down on 7th Feb, I got that info from Nagarsoft mailing.

It's starting to be a bit crowded, too many places to keep track of.

Interesting find.. I think we need to start a thread somewhere with links to all of these sites.

Thanks tamasd - I was going to post about this after receiving the offer from Nagarsoft, but you beat me to it  :Thmbsup:

Has anyone purchased from this site?

Some of their figures are a bit fishy. Here's an example from their Second Chance page:

Macro Scheduler

Retail: $50.00
Price: $43.50
Discount: 25%

Huh? 25% off of $50 would be more like $37.50

I haven't purchased from them, but I assume they're legit because my first pointer to them was from the same mailing tamasd got from NagarSoft - a vendor was selling hist stuff (Direct Access) on the site.

But you're right, some of their arithmetic is off - they need a new calculator!  Maybe they can get one of those newfangled computer-things to do the cipherin' for them.

I'd take care to double check the charges on the order page so you don't get surprised.


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