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How much email do you keep…and why?

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Have you tried LookOut? I use it and it's excellent for searching Outlook. Not sure how it would work with Exchange though, I don't know enough about this.

+1 for Lookout. I've tried just about every desktop indexer there is and the only reliable, fast, way to search Outlook I have found is Lookout. M$ bought them out a few years ago and developed Windows Desktop Search from it. At some point in the past 2 years they stopped hosting the installer for it - all "official" links to it now point to the homepage for WDS.

Thanks for the link, MikeMcLoughlin - I have an installer I archived years ago, but it's nice to know that it's still floating around if I need it  :Thmbsup:

I tried a few desktop indexers and they cant deal with exchange even when they say they do. Will try lookout, thanks for the tip  :Thmbsup:

All of it.
Sawted owt intu applicable folders of course.

Yahell bin dumb 'nuff tu tell me that Eye-R gots unlimited storage - So i'm trying tu fill it. I reguarly upload software, musix, films ect too...

Besides, archives have they place. Either as evidence tu be used in the future or, as a previous post suggested, for the nostalgia factor.

I long ago switched to gmail for all my email. I have a few other accounts which I don't use anymore and I've set them up to fwd to gmail.

All gmail is sync'd using Imap for local backup and offline access. I never delete email - there is no reason to. Saving a measly few MB is not worth losing 1000's of emails.
-MrCrispy (February 03, 2008, 08:27 PM)
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yup, 'bout time to switch to gmail for the imap. my school email account's imap and i'm kinda hooked on it for its ease of using with multiple workstations.Right now I'm using pop3 so I download my mails. It's a little troublesome as I'm having trouble migrating my email to another computer. Perhaps I should start clearing my old emails.
-chunkit (February 03, 2008, 01:01 PM)
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I'm not sure exactly what problems you're having, but there's another software by fookes (makers of mailbag assistant) called Aid4Mail that is really great for migrating between email clients.  Depending on what you're migrating from/to I know it can be a real pain.  When I was doing it (fortunately) from Pegasus to the Bat, it was easy because the authors of both programs were conscientious enough to accommodate such migration.  But if it involves Outlook, you will probably have to jump through some hoops, and it might not even be possible without aid4mail.  Outlook should be ashamed of this also.  I was really pissed about Outlook when I was trying to migrate my dad's Eudora stuff into Outlook, and there just wasn't an easy way to do it.  I don't understand why Outlook wouldn't make it easy, they stand to lose nothing.
-superboyac (February 04, 2008, 10:55 AM)
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thanks for your suggestion. it's only because i'm trying to migrate to thunderbird on linux from outlook on windows. thunderbird in linux only allows me to import from "communicator 4.x" and i've tried an extension which supposedly allows me to import from a .pst file but it just doesn't seem to work for me. so i can't effectively import anything directly into thunderbird.

anyway i've thought of an ideal solution. i'll add gmail imap to my outlook and copy and paste my old inbox, sent etc to gmail to archive them, then start using gmail as my main email.


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