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FastStone MaxView Mini-Review

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Hey techidave!

About outlook vs thunderbird, i suppose not, unfortunatelly :(
I just tested, and apparently it even ignores the windows default setting for email program. It's a shame, because that email feature is really nice (i had never used it :) ).

PS: the external programs are only external programs for image editing, anything you add in that tab appears in the "edit with external programs" menu, and the first one on the list is triggered on e press.

I kind of thought that is what the external programs were for but thought I would give it a shot anyway.  Oh well.

Yeah, this really is a bad point about the app. I shall add it above on the mini-review :)

And i'll send the developer a mail!

Perry Mowbray:
And i'll send the developer a mail!
-jgpaiva (February 01, 2008, 06:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

Maybe we all should send an email (as a more realistic indication of the functions support)  :D

Hey this is very nice, I did not know about this software. IrfanView has been getting pretty cluttered over the years, plus the addition of an adware bar in a recent install package has soured the deal further. This is an excellent viewer that retains the ability to flip over to IrfanView or Picasa for when I want to do some more in-depth image mangling. Thanks for the recommend!


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