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SpellCatcher Plus. Best in Breed

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Thanks for the review, I tried it and it works great :-)

Thanks a lot for the review. I will surely give this a try.

Hmm... thought I'd responded here long ago, but hadn't! I purchased SpellCatcher Plus after reading this review and this thread:

And have overall enjoyed it. It's highly configurable, so you can turn off a lot of features that (might) annoy you. My only beef with it is that every so often when I reboot I get a message saying that my SpellCatcher settings were created by an earlier version and could not be loaded, so I have to reset everything (fortunately, this is very easy to do). This leads to the second annoyance (minor): there have been no updates since I started using it in July or August 2007. I have corresponded with support and the replies were courteous, helpful, and prompt.

Note: THIS is the post that pointed me to SpellCatcher Plus:

Note as well, that despite my last post in the thread that I linked to above, I am still a registered user of SpellCatcher Plus! I never did request a refund because it is much better suited to my needs than the other options that I was looking at...

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