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FARR review

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It would be great to get FARR 2 out of reluctant beta status and into the wild, surely it is no more buggy than any of the others?
-nontroppo (January 31, 2008, 04:30 PM)
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Farr less so, in my experience!

EDIT: saw an opportunity to make a terrible pun and seized it  :-[


Finally Lifehacker acknowledges more than just Launchy exists on Windows!
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yes! couldn't agree more, it's really nice to see.  i really do appreciate the lifehacker folks for taking the time to check it out.

Hey, you get mentioned as one of the three Quicksilver alumni most likely to succeed in life ;D. Congrats!

With the advent of KDE to Windows, I wonder if Katapult could be also a challenger. I mean, interface wise is very similar to Quicksilver, but haven't investigated its advanced capabilities too much. Gnome Do seems like a worthy contender as well, but GTK under Windows...

IMO though, farr is superior to Quicksilver :P (I know some will think this is blasphemy, but...)! And although others are cute, they're definitely not as powerful and flexible. (BTW, this page could be updated :

Lashiec : I don't know if Katapult has dramatically changed since last time I tried it, but it was pretty elementary back then. Nothing, really, in comparison to farr or quicksilver. I actually found alternatives, like Launchbox or Gnome Do, superior.

I think Dash *is* powerful and well thought out, though another developer whose hyperbole matches the code size!

"Dash can change your life..."



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