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Online Czech2X and Czech2X Dictionary - closed


This topic has been discontinued.

cool :up:
ill see if i can fix the height bug.

i wonder if you could make a version that interfaced with some other translation online tools..

Well I can... just give me site you use most ;)

I have created another version of On-line_Czech2X_Dictionary. I must say that it uses another website ( instead of which I think is much faster and has much better results. Also listing to other pages is different. Formerly you had to type something like this:
dd 1 school,2
--- End quote ---
and now just type anything instead of "2" to go to another page. Every letter is equal to next page (try it and you will see yourself;) )
dd 1 school,cvfd
--- End quote ---
where "cvfd" = 4th side

Also you do not have to write number to choose language. In such case default language will be set automatically.


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