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Let's Bundle Our Orders For Software995 Toolset

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I figured that way you could use your existing Donation Credits to help pay for the software. If you just want to pay with brand new cash, then sure, you can PayPal me directly. I'm about to place the order now.

I made the purchase but have a question about the license key. I am awaiting an answer from the vendor.

Would you five please PM me with the name and email address you would like to use for registration.

You can paypal me directly or pay me via DC credits. The cost is $19.75 each.

Thanks for arranging this, tinjaw.

I didn't bother to run a trial of these applications before jumping on board.
I shan't be using mine as any software that installs itself without asking where has no place on my system.
It'll stay 'on the shelf'.
No worries, I have plenty of other unused stuff (shades of Darwin  ;))


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