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Let's Bundle Our Orders For Software995 Toolset

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They offer quantity discounts. Reply to this thread if you are interested. If we can get enough, we can get a good discount.

The Software995 Toolset includes 10 products, including the great PDF tools.

Let's Bundle Our Orders For Software995 Toolset

So far we have SIX people
29 March

* tinjaw
* darwin
* Perry Mowbray
* cranioscopical
* wraith808
* dcm

Hey - didn't notice this posting earlier. Single purchase/single user price is already reasonable, but if we can get 5 or 10 people interested it becomes downright embarrassing (as in, we'd almost be stealing the licences)! Add me to the list, oh ye of alloyed mandible and denuded cranium  :P

Looks like it's just you and me, Chaim. I guess we're in a class unto ourselves. The question remains, though, as to whether we are part of the elite or pariahs  :o

Once upon a time I would've joined ye.  ;)

I am already a current owner of the pdf995 suite of products.... :D

Perry Mowbray:
My interest goes up with the number of people interested  ;)

Is that nearly 3 then?

Question: Is UltraPDF as standard standard or a 995 standard only? I wasn't sure when they mentioned Office viewers  :-\


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