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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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awww.. don't go :(

I guess my thinking was that if the goal was to make startup faster, this won't do it.  It will make startup seem more "pleasant", and your system more responsive during it, but it won't make it faster.  So, I thought the suggested utility would miss the target, hence my questioning it.

The Google utility idea--admittedly strange--would certainly work.  The thing to question about it is its very necessity.  Big difference.

I found this.

Help is negligible but it doesn't take much working out.  Can control order and speed of startup and appears to have some sort of CPU wait feature.  Source code is provided so the more astute among you can see how it's designed.


I thought of an idea.  My 16 year old daughter and I are continually coming to blows about our joint use of the computer.  Quite apart from her forgetfulness about who pays for it and is therefore entitled to use it as he sees fit, she is always complaing because I mute the sound.

She goes on, turns her music on up loud, and leaves it on loud when she's finished.  I get on and straight away I either turn the speakers down or mute it in some other way.  Whaen she returns she whinges about having to turn the sound up again.  I swear the next time she does it the speakers a re going in the trash.

What would be nice would be a preset speaker volume for each user (we have Win XP Home SP2).  When the computer is being used under my name the volume level returns to a default (for me that would be zero) and when she switches to her account it swithches to her default (set by me so that the neighbours don't complain).

Probably harder than it sounds to program.  What do you guru's think?


i think such a program probably already exists;
very easy to program.

if cant find a good freeware tool to do this, submit it for this weeks upcoming 2-5 hour game and i will write it.


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