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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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yes, powerdesk, i remember it well.

it seemed to be the ultimate file browser a few years ago - i seem to recall there were lots of the other small utils that came with it??? something that allowed previews of images in dialog boxes well before anyone else caught onto the idea (i might be suffering from false memory syndrome on that).

i shall have a look at the latest version of powerdesk - xplorer2 does a vast amount to say it's free though.

yeah powerdesk has lots of liltte helpers, and a nice search util.

dir opus has some great features, but its search util takes about 20 minutes to start up, making it very painful to use.
i think a file explorer review is in the works soon.

 :) a file browser review makes a lot of sense.

i'm going to mention in my column a few 'addons' for the plain old ms windows explorer that make it behave in a more 'grown up' manner as it's something that i've not really seen covered elsewhere.

sounds nice, looking forward to reading it.

in the blogs you can make a post and mark it as "draft"
which will keep it from being published publically, so you can edit it and preview it until you are ready to post it.


I have an idea of a little program:
"Make the desktop smaller than it is".
Ok, this sound silly, but hang on, there is more to it.  :-[

I have a desktop with "samurize" on the right embedded in the desktop (I know other people have other similar programs on their side).

Lets say the desktop is 1280pixels wide, but the program on the right is taking up 100pixels.

What I would like the program to do:
When I press maximize-button in any window it maximizes to 1180pixels, leaving the right side open for view.

it would be great if the program had a exeption-list, there is always programs that one would like to take up the holde desktop.

Maybe the little program would make other gui's understand there was only 1180 pixels left? So that one couldn't place anything over the program laying on the right?

Well, thats my little utopia :)


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