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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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 :Thmbsup: that's great. really appreciate that.

i did search for a while trying to find something but couldn't really find anything that fitted the job.

these look just right though.

i shall now go and try them out.

just an idea for another quick time saving type program - if it would be worth coding.

it takes five clicks to change the view in windows explorer to show or hide 'hidden files and folders' and i'm sure i can't be the only person who changes it back from one view to the other quite regularly.

wouldn't it be nice to have a button alongside the other buttons in windows explorer that did the same show or hide function.

i know i could use another type of file manager that probably has this kind of capability but i know i would still end up using the default windows explorer as well.

i use a little program that adds a 'create new folder' button on the explorer window so i know this sort of thing is possible (also allows a quick tap of the F12 key to create a new folder).

(i'll be running through a list of these sort of little enhancement utils in my column, as i think they enhance the windows user interface - can't quite understand why they weren't included by microsoft in the first place.)

the idea of using plain old built-in windows explorer gives me nightmares  :o
i am one of those people that spends a great deal of their time using a file browser, so to me its important to have a good one, like total commander, powerdesk, directory opus, etc.

directory opus (maybe the others too) has a nice feature that can show hidden files with a different color or something so that you can leave them visible all the time while still seeing them clearly.  i must say i do not like the idea of having them invisible at all.

however i wonder if your problem might not be solvable with a little .reg file pair that toggled on and off the view hidden files registry setting (i'm assuming its a registry setting), and just adding these reg file shortcuts as buttons on the file browser (or desktop if you are using windows explorer).

i guess you're right. i just get into habits of doing things in certain ways for no reason (or at least not a good reason).

i use xplorer2 which has the ability to show hidden things without taking any notice of what windows explorer is set to do so i should just use that really.

directory opus looks like the best file browser i've seen - not cheap though. i suppose if i was going to use one file browser all the time then it would be that one and the price would be worth it.

i suppose it's more of an esthetic thing for me. a lot of the time i just want a window/folder to show the files within it without all extra buttons and panes surrounding them.

i'm beginning to weird myself out just thinking why it matters so much to me.

well you are in good company here i suspect if you have tiny little pet peeves about your software, many of us are that way here, though there are differences in what we like and dont like.

TotalCommander is another file manager that some people absolutely swear by, though its not my style.
Directory Opus is very expensive, inappropriately so.
Powerdesk is my other favorite.


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