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DYDLO or ILC (Internet Login Clock)


Hello from Pakistan

Recently I found your software DYDLO (Dad You Didn't Log Off), however I called it ILC (Internet Login Clock) which I think speaks better about the nature of program. It is a nice handy program which reminds me to freeup the telephone line enable to receive calls from someone you dear most. It properly detects the dialup connection and works perfect.
In the forum there is no discussion about the program after May 09, 2005. Is the chapter has been closed and no enhancement required?
However I want to make some suggestions to improve its phenomenon.
1- It steals a lot of memory (3216K in my XP Pro machine)
2- It starts when I manually start it first then it detects the dialup. Make it possible to detect the connection automatically.
3- Remove the Title Bar of the clock, it doesn't looks nice. Adjust it to dock.
4- The program resides in the system tray even after disconnection. I think there is no need to show offline time. The program must off itself automatically when there is no live connection.
Hope these points should be considered in a coming updated version.
Note: At your software page, DYDLO is absent.

With Regards and Best Wishes! :up:
Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz
Lahore, Pakistan.
E-mail: [email protected]

i replied in the other thread -
so i'll delete this thread in a day or so.


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