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download the "unable-to-download swfs"

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it might be a lot but its worth it  :D   got some other requests though: Ragdoll Masters (full version), Animation vs Animator (without gettin the "this crap has been stolen from, Animation vs Animator Special Edition (same here)...that's all for now   ;D

Hi papoj1,

Actually, I have quite some mixed feelings about this post, but for the learning purpose I am going to do it nevertheless.

As pointed out earlier the problem is easy to identify. You need to download quite a few additional files to run the game locally.
To identify the needed files you can use a program like URL Snooper, a Flash-Decompiler or even a Hex-Editor. Using one of these tools you might be able to identify the missing files. To play the game locally you need to download all of the following files from

* main.swf
* intro.swf
* RyuB.swf
* Stan.swf
* Brian.swf
* Steve.swf
* Lois.swf
* Peter.swf
* Stewie.swf
* Roger.swf
* Klaus.swf
* Hayley.swf
* Chris.swf
* Francine.swf
* Meg.swf
All these files must be placed in the same folder. If you now open the main. swf in your browser the intro should load and you should be able to play the game locally.

Hope this helps,

Here you go,Go Crazy. I downloaded all the swf files that mhb listed, and put them in a folder, and then zipped that folder up, and put it on filebeam, so you can download it and play ADvsFG. Now Excuse me while I go play it.

could someone try to get Animation vs Animator the game and the special edition one...without the "it has been stolen from" also anyone own full version of Ragdoll Masters

could tell me a way to get rid of the "stolen swf" message and get it to work...also y does 299: The Lost Spartan swf file flash when u play it after downloading it...


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