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Monitor Dimmer

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I guess this program could be a little more flexible, and its not that amazing, but I wanted to share it as it fulfilled a need I had.
Also, I wanted to share the technique I used as it took me a while to get it to work the way I wanted.


I have two monitors.
Often, I'll watch a movie or play a game on the left one, while I will also be browsing web pages and chatting with people on the right one.
If the movie or game is dark, and I'm looking a mostly white webpage, there is too much light.


This program creates a window.  A variable-alpha-transparency, black, always-on-top window, with no titlebar, etc.
It covers my entire right monitor.  BUT, by setting WS_EX_TRANSPARENT, its made transparent to events, and thus mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc. are passed on through to the windows below it.

Win Numpad+ darkens the screen, Win Numpad- lightens the screen, Win Numpad* toggles the overlay on/off.

Getting WS_EX_TRANSPARENT set in an AHK script is as simple as adding +E0x20 to the Gui creation command.

So, without further ado, I present -- MonitorDimmer.
In both AHK and EXE.


:D cool!
Thanks matt

If you're interested in setting the brightness of the entire screen, you can try the Windows gamma ramp API. I've used it myself, very helpful.


Thanks for the API link Ehtyar.

When I started this, a friend suggested I look at the gamma settings of my graphics card.

However, I have my monitors color-managed, and the control panel disabled the gamma setting because of that,
so I have a suspicion that something like this would not work in my case.

Here is a much nicer version of the program.
It works with arbitrary monitor numbers, (instead of being hardcoded for my monitor sizes  8)),
and remembers dimming and show settings between launches.

cool  :up:


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