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Monitor Dimmer

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This'll really help, I usually disable mon2 while watching movies and all my apps there jump to mon1.  :D

So good I've put it into my startup. I might make double-click choose 'toggle' and find a nice icon though if thats ok. Thanks!

I think that this little program is pretty neat! Thanks  :Thmbsup:

My use of it is just slightly different in that I don't often watch movies on my dual monitor setup. But I am frequently working in one application on one monitor while having to keep an eye on something on the other. So it's nice to have the one of lesser interest dimmed slightly. But when my focus shifts I'd like to be able to quickly swap the dimming effect to the other monitor. Any chance of incorporating that as a hot key rather than having to go through several mouse clicks to achieve it?

A nice icon will be fun, too.

Thanks for sharing, as they say.    :)

A different icon would be nice -- I have trouble coming up with that kind of thing  :)

A suggestion on moving between the two monitors, and the one I use (because I already use the program for other things)

I'm glad other people are finding use for this -- I knew I couldn't be the only one that could need it!


MoveToMon is an interesting solution but, unfortunately, not one that works for me in this situation. The way I have my screen real estate carved up moving applications from one monitor to the other would only serve to make a jumble of things,


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