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DC member veign says this may be the best online form generator he's seen.  It really does look extremely nice, with drag and drop support for re-arranging your forms and a visual editor for building them.

Seems like a great way to create an initial form for a page.  After you construct it visually the site lets you download the html code to put on your website.  Very well done.


Thanks for information!  :Thmbsup:
In turn I wish to advise another useful resource with possibility to create any your form. Besides in php forms tutorials it's possible to find information about opportunities of e-mail creatig on a site by means PHP Forms i.t.c. Informational articles are wrote by developers by this web resource. I think this is advantage.  :D

Carol Haynes:
Don't forget that the writers of PHPFORM do a full MySQL/PHP form-building and archiving package for $39 (per site) at They also do a reasonable deal on 10 sites and unlimited sites too. This is a really useful tool for quickly building forms and have them submitted for you. You can integrate the forms directly into websites (and customise the CSS so they look as though they fit) or have standalone pages that look a bit like phpform generated forms (but are full active). They even have a free installation service.

I don't use the package any more but I have in the past and found them very helpful and responsive to feedback.

I am agree with it. Form builder is very convenient software for creating online invitations, online surveys and so one. There are many companies which develop form builder, I know one of example of form builder yet.

Carol Haynes:
Are you related to the form builder website? If you are you should say so.


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