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I will do that.  I just started looking a few hours ago but haven't found much taylored to my needs.  I suppose I could sit down with Access 2003 or 2007 or Filemaker Pro 8.5 and take a stab at it but building a database like this is kind of beyond my giftings.

State Farm Insurance has a free download on their site for an inventory program called Possessions Matters

I think it's a fairly old program, and probably focused on home inventories, but since it's free you might want to take a look. It says it can print insurance claims, theft reports, etc.

I haven't tried it.

There's also a free asset management program called Pyxis on Says it's intended for home and small business and looks like it's fairly customizable.

Again, I haven't used it.

Our school is looking for a good piece of software to help with inventory.  It must be able to record details about anything from a desk to a computer, printer, or even a bus!  If it could also record service info that would be good also.  I am thinking it needs to be able to work with bar codes and print out labels.  Printing reports would also be good.  it wouldn't have to be free but should be reasonable.

What have you guys used in the pass??  No, databases and me do not get along very well.
-techidave (January 22, 2008, 12:58 PM)
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I'm the developer of SQLNotes ( which has been discussed here at DC. It is half way between an information organizer and a database. It is based on a multi-user database and can easily be configured to perform inventories. It is very flexible, so extra stuff like service info can be recorded. It can also print summarizing reports and charts. The one missing feature is bar code printing, but this could be added if desired. Finally, data can be read by (and exported to) MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access) and other ODBC-enabled applications.

I looked briefly at the programs that dspelley mentioned but its not quite what I want.  I will take a look at the SQLNotes but not sure how hard it will be to customize.


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