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Our school is looking for a good piece of software to help with inventory.  It must be able to record details about anything from a desk to a computer, printer, or even a bus!  If it could also record service info that would be good also.  I am thinking it needs to be able to work with bar codes and print out labels.  Printing reports would also be good.  it wouldn't have to be free but should be reasonable.

What have you guys used in the pass??  No, databases and me do not get along very well.


well i could be able to do this ... but no fancy mysql database storage but a simple file info storage.for a modic sum.msg me with details ;)

tanatos, we don't object to people on the forum arranging to work on paid programming projects outside of forum discussions, but this forum is almost exclusively about people coding stuff for free (though accepting donations after the fact if people want to support their work).

So while your intentions may be good, we discourage people from answering posts like this by offering to be hired for pay to do it.  If and when someone decides they want to hire a programmer for a job, that's a different matter and I encourage you to reply to such people directly.  Until then it would probably be better not to offer to work for hire when people post a request.  Might seem strange compared to other programming sites, but that's just the way we do it here.

Back to the subject, I know their are existing inventory programs, both local and web-based, i just don't know the names of them.  but surely some people here have some experience with them and it would be nice to hear from people who use such programs..

I am looking for those existing programs, just having problems finding one thats pretty much already setup for someone in IT to just start using.  We need if for insurance purposes as much as I need it to help me track what I have in what room or building.


I'm also interested in hearing what people use.  Hopefully we'll see some good pointers here, and please keep us updated in the thread with your findings if you try stuff and tell us what you come up with.


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