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Some Ideas


Hi Mouser,

I searched the web today for a tool but couldn't find anything usefull, but I think UIM could be modified to do the job. I don't know if you are still develop UIM - if not - no problem, I will find something else... OK, the problem is, that I have to do some webdesign work. Most of our clients donut want their email in plain text (because of spam bots) on their imprints (which is mandatory in germany). So I'm sitting here, firing up Photoshop, type the address, save as... close photoshop - starting Photoshop takes about 80 seconds, typing about 5 seconds ;) So my Idea  was to find a tool which allows me to create Images from the commandline (I know ImageMagick - but don't like the results when dealing with text). I think about something like:

--- ---UIM --text="[email protected]" --font="verdana 12px #000000" --background="transparent" email.png
UIM --text="Demoheadline" --font="verdana 22px #ffffff" --background="#0000ff" headline.png

This should result in 2 images, cropped to the bounding-box of the text, if not different specified. For handling the format, you can use a subset (font, background, width, height, textalign, padding, margin, text-decoration) of the CSS syntax which should be familiar to webworkers and css parser are available. Maybe this whole Idea is a completely new tool, but I thought UIM would be a nice foundation to build up on...


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